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Reserve Your spot for July 2021 Nationals for $295.00 you will receive your official

Miss Empire USA State Crown & Sash

                                           State title subject to availability

Full Package includes: $1250.00 (All Payment must be made by May 1,  2021 no exceptions)

2021 National weekend -FULL PACKAGE  

Division I & Division II will receive this exciting weekend package.

National  Entry Fee includes-all 6 areas of required State  Competition:

1. National Opening Number

2. Official Marc Defang Shoes

3. Official competition crown (once you have reserved your spot you will be mail out your crown & sash  

to bring with you to nationals.)

4. National  Accessories

5. Official Fitness attire

6. Official National sisterhood bling shirt

7. USA Bling Shirt

8. Official Crown Case-each contestant will receive

9. 1 copy of program book

10.  Ad Page Design(you must design yourself)

11. The "All white party"

12. National sisterhood party

13. Desert at Tiffany's

14.Complimentary meal voucher for the weekend

15. The M.E.USA swab bag( Miss Empire USA Swag bag)

16. National pool party

17. Official weekend Pass to all competition (Optional night, Division 1  & 2 competition)

18. Pageant workshop-Pageant runway, Pageant prep

19. Interview workshops


2021 National weekend package

Reserve $295.00

This payment will be deducted from your total

$1250.00/Full payment

$477.50/Partial Pymt




$477.50/Partial Pymt

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