Come Be Apart of our Sisterhood 

                                   City Pageant - Areas of Competition

                                          5 phases of Competitions:

 1. Personal Interview with a panel of judges (3-5 min)

 2.Introduction: On stage 25 second Introduction



 5.Onstage questions

                                           WHO CAN COMPETE

                                         10 prestigious  Divisions

Division 1 Breakdown

Little miss Division: Ages 6-7 Years

Jr.Preteen Division: Ages 8 - 9 Years

Pre-Teen Division: Ages 10 - 12 Years

Division 2 Breakdown

Jr. Teen Division: Age 13 - 15 Years

Teen Division: Age 16 - 18 Years

Miss Division: Age 19 - 29 Years

Ms. Division: Age 25-49 Years (single,divorce w/child)

Mrs. Division: Age 25-49 Years (Married)

Mrs. Elite Division  & Mrs.Elite International-50+

Plus Division-16-27 years ( Teen & Up)

Delegates can compete in a preliminary pageant under the following guidelines:

1. The Delegate must age requirement for their division  As of  January 1, 2022.

2. Age divisions are determined by January 1, 2022. (No exceptions)

3. A delegate/parent must live, work or own property in the city that the delegate will be competing and/or the delegate must attend school in the city she would be competing in.

Miss Empire USA reserves the right to refuse entry to any applicant.