(W.T.W)-What to Wear



1.Personal Interview Outfit- Wear Something that reflects your style & personality. A Dress or suit can be pantsuit as well. The outfit you select should be suitable for a job interview.  ( Provided by Delegate) 

2.Opening Number- Opening number outfit will be provided by National Office. Shoes for opening number will be provided by national office.

3.Personal Introduction-Delegates will stay in their opening number for the part of the competition.

4.Fitness Competition Shoe- Fitness will be National Office .  each delegate will need to provide white sneakers for this competition.

5.Evening Gown- You will need a floor length formal dress, any style, any color. The value of the gown will not be evaluated. Select a dress that flatters your figure, complexion, and makes you feel beautiful. (Provided by Delegate).

6. Onstage Question-this is your Last Grand Stand in front of the judges, each contestant will stay in their evening gown for this competition.

                 Backstage rules and regulations (both show)

   ***Junior Division

Only 1 person is allowed back stage, to care for their delegate. (parent or stylish-only 1-no exceptions!).

   ****Senior Division-No one are allowed in the backstage dressing area during the pageant other than the delegate. We will have staff backstage to help with changing if necessary (No Exceptions)



Personal Interview – Interview is your opportunity to let judges know you on a more personal level. Make sure you dress as you would as if you were going to a job interview, dress to impress!

Each contestant will be interviewed in front of a panel of judges. Each contestant will have 5 min.

Judging Criteria: Each contestant will be given a statement of fact, that judges will read and judge accordingly, Knowledge, Perception, Self-Expression, Spontaneity and Personality will be evaluated. Also important are the Use of Vocabulary, Voice, Appearance and Grooming.

Personal Introduction- You will have 25 sec, to introduce yourselves on stage and tell the judges all about who you are, ambition, goals etc. When bell rings you are to stop, if you do not stop, 5 points will be taken off score.

Opening Number- Opening number outfit will be provided by National Office for each delegate. Shoes will be designed by Marc Defang.

Fitness Competition- Confidence, Poise, Posture, judges will look at your overall fitness. There is no size or weight requirement. You are your best you.


Judging Criteria: How well does the contestant displays confidence, poise and technique. (contestant must provide white sneakers for fitness competition).

Evening Gown Competition- Judging Criteria: Confidence, Choice of Evening Gown, Poise, Posture, Personality, Charm, Style, Charisma, Grace, Execution, Overall Appearance and Stage Presence will be evaluated.

Judges Criteria-Poise, Grace, Confidence, own must be floor length, age appropriate.

Onstage Question: Judging Criteria: Knowledge, Spontaneity, Personality, Vocabulary, Voice, Confidence, and Sense of Values will be evaluated. Speak with confidence, and clarity.


                                        Delegates  required ticket sales

All Delegates must be responsible for selling 6 Final Night tickets.