1. Meet age requirements by the date of January 1, 2020
2. Is a U.S. citizen or has been granted Permanent Residency.

3. Must be a residence in your state.
4. Is a natural born female.

5. Has never posed nude in film or print media.

6. Have not been convicted of a crime.

7. Is legally married and living with her spouse for at least 6 months.

8. Must not be a current titleholder, (if you are in 60 days of giving up your title with director's approval you may compete.)



Contestants may only compete in their state of residence.

College students may compete in the state in which they attend school or the state in which their parents reside.  If there is ever a situation where the residence is questioned, a driver's license and/or school ID and a utility bill will be required as proof of residence or school attendance.

                                                                                             Age Divisions

The contestant must enter the age division according to their age as of January 1, of the upcoming year.  However, if the contestant will age out of the age division at any point during the current pageant year/season, then they have the option (not required) to move up to the next age division.  Should there be any question of a contestant's age, a state issued birth certificate will be required to verify age.  In addition to age guidelines, it should be noted that all participants must have been born female to participate in our pageant system.

                                                                                     Behavior and Conduct

It is imperative that we always have a welcoming and encouraging environment for all delegates and their family. Thus, we require that every delegate behave in a way that is loving, kind, and with sensitivity.  At no point during any of our pageants will we allow contestants, parents, or guests of the contestants to talk about other contestants, cheer (boo), swear, or say anything that is inappropriate.  If a contestant, parent, or other guests of the contestant are found to be in violation of these behavior and conduct rules, the contestant will be immediately disqualified from competing in Miss Empire USA/Miss California Empire Pageants family. (no exceptions)


                                                                   Reigning Queens and Community Service Commitment

If you are honored to be crowned the title of City, State, or National Queen for your age division, you are expected to serve as the queen for one full year.  All City, State, National Titleholders will participate in all community service project. The Miss Empire USA headquarters will decide on the platform that all titleholders will support for the year. If in the event that a titleholder cannot fulfill her title, she is required to give up the title, along with her crown and sash and the runner will then be asked to step up to the position, along with the requirements.  Listed below are all community service hours for City State & National title holders. We want to make sure we are making a difference in our community, we do understand that each titleholder has lives therefore we have put together, what we think will help our girls remain organized as well as dedicated in serving their community.  


                                                       This is a 1 year Community Service & Appearance -LEAD BY EXAMPLE

  • City Titleholders- Must do 2 Community service monthly & 2 Appearances monthly, recruit 2 new contestants into the city pageant.

  • State Titleholders- Must do 3 Community service monthly & 3 Appearances. monthly, recruit 4 new contestants into the State Pageant.

  • National Titleholder- Must do 3 Community service monthly & 3 Appearances monthly, recruit 6 new contestants into the National pageant.

  • Ambassador- Must do 2 community service monthly & 1 Appearances monthly, ambassador will have the option to recruit 2 into any City, State or National  pageant of the Miss Empire USA Pageant line.

                                                                                      Social Media
It is very common for our pre-teen, teen and adult ladies to utilize social media for their school, professional or personal use.  We at Miss Empire USA Pageants encourage each of our ladies to promote our pageant line, your community service work, and our fellow sisters on your social media sites.  However, please remember pageant etiquette and our system's mission and motto. We hold each titleholder to the highest standard, when you become a titleholder in the Miss Empire USA pageants family. Everything we say or do will have a lasting effect.

Concerning social media can have a direct or indirect reflection on our pageant system.  We can "say" what we want about our system, but what matters is how the ladies who represent our system carry themselves in writing and through their behavior.  You are role models (within and outside of the pageant system) and are expected to always be mindful of this.  NEVER judge others on social media, NEVER talk down about another pageant system on social media, NEVER speak in a way that will reflect badly on the “Our pageant Family”.    

Cyber bullying is very real.  We do not want to bully others or other pageant systems through our words on social media.  What you may think is "no big deal" could be a HUGE deal to someone else reading your posting.  Let's just keep it clean, respectful, and kind. 

Miss Empire USA