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            2023-2024 Rules & Regulations


It is imperative that a welcoming and encouraging environment be present at all times for delegates and their family. Thus, it is required that EVERYONE involved with the Miss Empire USA Pageant behave in a way that is polite, loving, kind, and sensitive. At no point during any pageant conducted by the Miss Empire USA Pageant will contestants, parents, or guests of the contestants be allowed to publicly speak in any negative manner about any other contestant, boo, swear, or say anything that is inappropriate. Bullying of any type is also forbidden. If a contestant, parent, or any guest of the contestant are found to be in violation of these conduct regulations, that contestant will be immediately disqualified from competing in any and all Miss Empire USA Pageants. (no exceptions)


In an effort for Miss Empire USA Pageant contestants to demonstrate their commitment to making a difference in their communities, organized and dedicated ambassadorial service is required. If a contestant is honored by being crowned with a Miss Empire USA Pageant city, state, or national title, she will be expected to serve as a division queen for one full year. All city, state, and national titleholders will also be expected to participate in all Miss Empire USA Pageant sponsored community service projects. The Miss Empire USA Pageant retains the final right to decide on any platform that titleholders support for the year. If in the event a titleholder cannot fulfill her title responsibilities, she will be required to relinquish said title, along with her crown and sash. The pageant runner up will be given the opportunity to ascend to the title of queen and assume the requirements of the position. 



It is very common for our Jr.-teen, teen and adult ladies to utilize social media for their school, professional or personal use.  It is encouraged that all contestants as well as their family and friends promote any and all community service work done for the Miss Empire USA Pageant line as well as support their fellow pageant sisters on their various social outlets.


Each titleholder will be held to the highest standards of excellence as everything said or done as a

Miss Empire USA Pageant representative affects the entire program, not just the individual.

By participating, ladies accept the title or role model both within and outside of the pageant system and are expected to always be mindful of these responsibilities.

Please remember that as Miss Empire USA Pageant representatives, respectful, proper, and polite etiquette is expected.


If you still have any questions regarding rules, regulations, or etiquette, please contact us.

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