Ages 13 yrs -Ms. Elite


                            Eligibility Requirements

1. Meet age requirements by the date of

January 1, 2020 
2. Is a U.S. citizen or has been granted Permanent Residency.

3. Is a natural born female.

4. Has never posed nude in film or print media.

5. Have never been convicted of a crime.

                                      Age Divisions:

1.Jr. Teen (13-15)

2.Teen (16-18)

3.Miss (19-29)

4.Plus size (16-49)

5.Ms. (21-49) Is single, divorced, widowed  with children).

6. Mrs. (21-49) Married legally married & living with with her spouse for at least 6 months.-

7. Ms./Mrs.Elite-Over 50 yrs.


                               Areas Of Competitions

                   Preliminary Competition Scoring

Personal Interview- 30% 

Personal Introduction-15%

Fitness wear Competition- 20%

Evening Gown Competition- 15% 

Community and/or School Involvement-15%

Onstage Question​-5%